GP3: Why invest in workforce housing w/ Cody Littlewood, Principal @ Carbon Real Estate Investments

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We are your hosts, Pascal Wagner & Mike Klein, and today we are interviewing Cody Littlewood, Principal at Carbon Real Estate Investments and we're diving into:

- A deep dive on how depreciation & tax advantages work in real estate
- Why workforce housing is an ideal asset class to invest in through a recession
- What it looks like to work with a professional team vs investing on your own

With that said, let’s get to it!


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Time Stamps:
00:00 - Intro
00:56 -  Cody gives a brief introduction to multifamily, defining it as apartment buildings, specifically workforce housing
01:15 - The differences between class A, B, C, and D apartments are explained.
01:32 - The government components in affordable housing.
03:25 - The difficulty of finding deals in today's market.
07:30 - Cody's advice to new investors
08:50 - The importance of continuous learning and adaptation in real estate investing.
10:22 - How assets depreciate over time
12:16 - Passive income vs. active income
15:26 - How real estate syndication is like a private placement memorandum (PPM)
16:50 - How due diligence is critical
20:11 - How Cody's strategy is replicable
21:18 - How Cody's team is structured
23:13 - How to balance the risk and reward
29:22 - The importance of staying up-to-date with trends
32:15 - The difference between deal guys and people who are building firms and operating businesses.
36:24 - Cody explains on how they approach risk management
38:29 - Cody talks about the importance of building a team that is aligned with the firm's values and culture.
43:00 - The importance of buying great assets 
44:00 - Investing on Cody's fund
46:00 - Outro

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GP3: Why invest in workforce housing w/ Cody Littlewood, Principal @ Carbon Real Estate Investments
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